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Dion van Kekem

Managing Director (sales and general queries)
Cellphone: 027 405 2331
Email: dion@niveau.co.nz

David Moore

Project Manager (On site queries)
Phone: 027 484 9019
Email: david@niveau.co.nz

Postal Address: PO Box 33149, Christchurch
Delivery Address: 83E Ellesmere Road,
Haswell, Christchurch 7674.

Estimated budgets:
Standard size pools entry-level swimming pools can range from $90,000 to 150,000 plus GST.

High-end pools can range from $150,000 to 250,000 plus GST depending on size, finishing and feature selections.


Thinking about taking the next step to adding a swimming pool to your home?

Here’s what you can expect:

Contact Niveau Pools and Construction and we can arrange a site meeting to go over your ideas, budgets, indications of required works and how this can work for you.

Engage a draftsperson or landscape architect to draw a concept plan of the proposed new swimming pool or spa and the surrounding areas. Niveau can provide a draft price with the concept plan and the customer can then decide on their commitment to the project moving forward.

Once the swimming pool concept is approved to proceed then the Engineering design and working drawings are created.

Approval from the customer for the working drawings and final designs are in so we can move onto submitting the design package into the local council for building consent. At this same time, the final pricing can be quoted by Niveau for the finished pool design.

Building Consent is approved!! Success, now Niveau can schedule a start date for the works on the property with the customer and any other contractors involved.