Is your existing concrete pool 
looking tired and in need of a re-surface or upgrade?

Niveau have been building new and renovating swimming pools for over 30 years. Concrete swimming pools have such a long life span so upgrading and renovating them to look like new again is certainly a great investment for your property, family and friends.

Is this your pool?

  • Losing some water?
  • Difficult to maintain?
  • Broken or displaced tiles?
  • Worn out plaster or paint?
  • Sanitisation system doesn’t work?
  • Lights no longer illuminating?
  • Need new filtration equipment?

Niveau can service all of your needs from start to finish in order to get your pool looking amazing and inviting again.

“We have refurbished many Canterbury swimming pools and the process is so satisfying for our team and our customers. From emptying and cleaning the pool to grinding or removing the surface to supplying and installing the new surface, upgrading the equipment and pipework and commissioning your new refurbished pool. It is such a rewarding process.”

– Dion van Kekem –